Hours of Operation

We are located at 15078 Brown Pleasants Road, Montpelier, Virginia 23192.

Directions to Virginia Family Practice

From Ashland (from the east):
1.     Head west on VA-54 W.       
2.     Continue onto US-33 W/Mountain Rd
3.     Destination will be on the right 

From Charlottesville (from the northwest):
1.     Merge onto I-64 E via the ramp to Richmond.
2.     Take exit 159 for US-522 toward GumSpring/Goochland.
3.     Turn left onto US-522 N/Cross County Rd.
4.     Turn right onto Owens Creek Rd/State Route 663.
5.     Turn left onto Holly Grove Dr/State Route 610.
6.     Turn right to stay on Holly Grove Dr/State Route610.
7.     Turn right to stay on Holly Grove Dr/State Route610.
8.     Continue to follow State Route 610.
9.      Turn left onto US-33 W/Mountain Rd.
10.     Destinationwill be on the right. 

From Goochland (from the south):
1.     Turn right onto VA-396 N/Dickinson Rd.
2.     Turn right onto Fairground Rd/State Route 632.
3.     Turn right onto US-250 E/Broad Street Rd.
4.     Turn left onto Oilville Rd/State Route 617.
5.     Take the 3rd left to stay on Oilville Rd/StateRoute 617.
6.     Continue to follow State Route 617.
7.     Slight right onto State Route 611/Vontay Rd.
8.     Turn left onto Spring Rd/State Route 617.
9.     Turn right onto State Route 610/Taylors Creek Rd.
10.     Continueto follow State Route 610.
11.     Turnleft onto US-33 W/Mountain Rd.
12.     Destinationwill be on the right. 

From Richmond (from the southeast):
1.     Head north on I-95N.
2.     Take exit 79 for Interstate 64 W/Interstate 195S toward Powhite Parkway/Charlottesville.
3.     Take exit 185 toward U.S. 33/Staples Mill Road.
4.     Merge onto I-64 W.
5.     Take exit 185 for US-33/Staples Mill RdE/Staples Mill Rd W.
6.     Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-33W/Staples Mill Rd and merge onto US-33 W/Staples Mill Rd.
7.     Continue to follow US-33 W.
8.     Turn left onto US-33 W/Mountain Rd.
9.     Destination will be on the right.